by:Rachael Ruddick 25 November 2015

 Describe your style?

 I never know how to answer this question without sounding like a total idiot. I think masculine, monochrome, zero fuss, clean and tailored perhaps? I am seemingly allergic to color so the basis of my wardrobe is black. I gravitate towards simple clean cuts and wear a blazer with pretty much everything. I have a tendency to wear everything oversized and the older I get the more tendency I have to ditch any form of a heel and roll around in Jordans so the whole look put together seems to be something that your little brother would be rocking whilst lip syncing to Drake.

What is a day in the life of Tara Williams like ? (Give us some insight onto what you do for work)

 Wake up far too early, prep the little man for school, simultaneously applying eyeliner and making sandwiches. From the school run I head directly the studio. Long ago I fantasized about this being my time to work out, catch up with girlfriends for coffee slash be human but as it turns out there are just not enough hours in the day. So it’s straight into the studio where I relish that from 8.30 to 9.30am. I can sit in complete silence and respond to emails without having one person ask me a question. The first thing I do when I sit down is glance over WWD and the Cut just to check in and see if there is anything happening I need to know about. From  9.30 onwards the rest of my team starts filtering in. The beauty of my job is that each day is vastly different. There is no such thing as a normal day. If I have a client on carpet then its all team members in for prep. Which involves creating a brief and dividing and conquering the enormous amounts of showrooms and stores in LA. If I am working with one of my branding clients its usually me chained to my desk silently (not always) trying to finish a report or document I am producing. I manage a lot of my clients content including website which involves a lot of writing content and code, which for me takes focus so I usually like to put a good chunk of my day aside to be able to focus on that. It doesn’t work out so often and this is what you can find me doing in bed at 2am. Day to day Im producing trend reports, range plans, content concepts and taking endless meetings. I am my most productive and satisfied when managing multiple clients and projects. So I thrive on being pressured and busy.

 You live in LA where are some of your favourite places to shop?

 What goes around comes around for the best selection of vintage t-shirts (if you get there before Kanye cleans them out) and incredible vintage Chanel.

Maxfields for the best selection of high end labels, think Rick Owens, Balmain etc. It’s edgier and cooler than Barneys and there Buyers are much more forward.

Curve, the buy here is also very good. Again this is all high end but its pretty terrific.

Just one eye for pieces you won’t find anywhere else, they get exclusivity on some pretty dope stuff. Think Kanye Yeezy collection.

Intermix, you can’t really go wrong. Great mix of designer and pretty safe buy but great basics and easy one stop shop.

Church for a pretty eclectic mix of designers from all over the world.

 Zara at the Grove. I won’t lie, I can never go past Zara they nail it every time and it’s such a great place to grab a couple of pieces to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe each season.


How much time do you have because eating out in LA should be my profession.

 Pace in the canyon is my go to and favorite restaurant in LA. It may have something to do with it being basically on my street. I love that in a place as big as LA I can go somewhere that feels like home, get greeted by name by familiar faces and there is always a place for us. The food and wine is pretty damn delicious and it’s a pretty great place to people watch.

 The Chateau is a pretty safe go to if you want to have great vibe again it’s right by my house so it’s such an easy go to for us however I have to say the menu has recently changed and the food is less than terrific. But I would definitely still say it’s a necessary stop for a cocktail and the garden is pretty magic.

 Petit Trois, hole in the wall French restaurant in Hollywood. This is bar seating only and always packed. You will wait over an hour for a seat but its worth it. Highly recommended for a date destination. Intimate and cool with amazing food and even better wine!

 AOC, tapas style. Awesome vibe and food is delicious!

 Rao and Madeo for italian.

 Sushi Park for the best and freshest sushi in LA. This place is not at all about the scene or the vibe, but the food is something else.

 Nobu Malibu for the ultimate in Sunday martini sessions.


Beverly Hills Hotel always.

 What is your favourite part about living in LA/ Best keep secrets ?

The weather!

A secrets for me is where I live… I live high up in the hills of laurel canyon, my street is so much off the grid its not even paved properly. You can not get an uber to save your life much less cell service but its surrounded by the most beautiful secret hiking trails that i hike every single day with my son. You feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and untouchable and yet the entirety of LA sprawls out beneath you. The views are incredible. This is my favorite part of where I live. I am less than ten minutes from Sunset and yet I feel like I live in the middle of nowhere.

 What advice would you give people wanting to live in LA and follow in your footsteps?

Hustle and be resilient. Do not get caught up in the club slash party scene here, it’s the fastest way to loose all respect. And do not underestimate how small the industry is.

 What was your favourite job that you worked on? What are you most proud off?

The Beauty Book. A coffee table book that I worked on with my dear friend Darren Tieste and Pantera Sarah, the book is a collection of celebrity portraits and all proceeds go towards finding a cure for brain cancer. I’m enormously honored to be a part of this and extremely proud that my story with Olivia Wilde was used for the cover.

 What are you inspired by?

 Music, travel and people, I have horrible ADD so I don’t have the attention span for movies, magazines and blogs. So my inspiration comes from my observations of people I encounter on my travels around the world. Music is also huge for me. I have a crazily eclectic music taste and my house or studio is never silent. Without even realizing my daily outfits are often inspired by whatever genre of music I am listening to in the morning.

Favourite bags from Rachael Ruddick collection?

 The bucket bag (as featured below).


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