25 November 2015

 Describe your style?  I never know how to answer this question without sounding like a total idiot. I think masculine, monochrome, zero fuss, clean and tailored perhaps? I am seemingly allergic to color so the basis of my wardrobe is black. I gravitate towards simple clean cuts and wear a blazer with pretty much everything. I have a tendency to wear everything oversized and the older I get the more tendency I have to ditch any form of a heel and roll around in Jordans so the whole look put together seems to be something that your little brother would be rocking whilst lip syncing to Drake. What is a day in the life of Tara Williams like ? (Give us some insight onto what you do for work)  Wake up far too early, prep the little man for school, simultaneously applying eyeliner and making sandwiches. From the school run I head directly the studio. Long ago I fantasized about this being my time to work out, catch up with girlfriends for coffee slash be human but as it turns out there are just not enough hours in the day. So it’s straight into the studio where I relish that from 8.30 to 9.30am. I can sit in complete silence and respond to emails without having one person ask me a question. The first thing I do when I sit down is glance over WWD and the Cut just to check in and see if there is anything happening I

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2 September 2015

An afternoon in Malibu. Photography:  Lucinda Taffs. Models: Kendal Lee Schuler, Jessica Lawson and Megan Abraham. Featuring the Champagne wristlet blue and tan. Beach Bucket in white, tan and soon to be available tie dye.   ...Read More Tweet

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NYC At Home

29 April 2015

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The Perfect Storm

21 April 2015

Our day was scheduled for well over one month, with the eponymous website to include my little girl CC and I in a story. The shoot and interview were to capture moments in a day, in our New York life. We woke that morning to see a fresh coat of white snow ( possibly the 20th this winter ) but perfectly timed nonetheless ! So spent time outdoors enjoying the stillness of New York before the snow ploughs started and roads became grotty. There is nothing better than the calm in New York, immediately after a snowfall and nothing better to be captured in this story and images that CC and I will cherish forever. Photography by Caitlin Kelly @caitkelly Traveler worn by CC Ruddick in Denim Croco by Rachael Ruddick To read our interview visit     ...Read More Tweet

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Best day trips to the Hudson Valley

23 January 2015

The Hudson Valley starts a mere 45 minutes from Manhattan and stretches up to the Canadian Border. Its combined landscape, history and charm provide the ultimate get away from the pace of Manhattan.  - RR See Bear Mountain National Park Scenic towns such as Rhinebeck, Sleepy Hollow, Millbrook and Bedford Blue Hill Farm, Bedford Storm King Sculptural Park DIA Gallery Vanderbilt Mansion and Park Do In Fall – Apple Picking In Winter – Cross Country Skiing or Snowskiing Walkway over the Hudson Eat Blue Hill Farm Restaurant and Cafe Bedford Post Inn Stay Bedford Post Inn Locusts on Hudson       ...Read More Tweet

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Things to do in the Desert

13 January 2015

The Mojave desert drive we embarked on over the holidays, opened up a world of life beyond the bar scenes of Vegas and charm of Palm Springs. We planned a 4 stop Cali tour starting in LA, followed by 2 days in La Jolla, 3 days in Vegas and 3 days in Palm Springs. Little did I know that the centre of our trip would evolve around the desert and the sheer enormity of its size and inspiring arid beauty. My tips : See – Mojave Death Valley Hoover Dam Grand Canyon Joshua Tree San Diego Zoo Stay – La Valencia, La Jolla Parker or Viceroy, Palm Springs Mandarin Oriental, Vegas for a non Casino experience Do – Buggy riding in the sand dunes Grand Canyon walk Spa in Palm Springs Drive + drive.  Eat Breakfast at the Parker Palm Springs Lunch at Milos, Las Vegas Dinner at Javier’s, Las Vegas Sunset Cocktails, La Valencia, La Jolla Betty Lou’s 50′s Diner , Mojave Desert   ...Read More Tweet

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25 October 2014

Our Shadowplay collection references textures found in the Greek Islands in architecture, matte to shiny patinas and light. We animated these references through texture and shine in our leather. Shaggy matte white croco, is at the centre of the collection and teamed with this are denim and teal blue croco embossed calfskins and spray painted ostrich legs. ...Read More Tweet

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Sydney in one day

28 July 2014

I visit Sydney, only to leave, wishing I had another week there. Splitting my focus between a lifetime of very cherished family, old friends and a busy business its back-to-back. If I was to spend one day as a first time visitor in the Emerald city, here is what I would do : Sunrise Ferry Ride – Watsons Bay to Circular Quay. Jump on a Ferry and ride around the harbour for the very best view of the water and Sydneys incredible real estate. For a more traditional cruise, take an older north shore ferry. stop by Watsons Bay Hotel for lunch. Taronga Zoo Not just for little people, it is quite possibly the best zoo in the world, with a spectacular view of the Opera House and Bridge. A must see are the Bird and Seal shows. Sea Plane to Palm Beach. Every city has its Santa Barbara or Hamptons and one of Sydney’s top escapes is Palm Beach. The sea plane departs from Rose Bay Marina and the flight takes you up the coastline north of Sydney. Cocktails at Icebergs, Bondi Beach I love Icebergs at anytime of the day,but honestly, the best time is the afternoon, when you can still enjoy the turquoise water of Bondi beach and see the surfing action. Rachael wears our new Natural Collision collection available now on our e boutique. ...Read More Tweet

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